No More Heroes


No More Heroes

From SUDA-51, creator of the surreal shooter Killer7, No More Heroes chronicles Travis Touchdown’s rise to the top of the assassin’s league.

No More Heroes All Cutscenes Movie HD

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A Deeply Disturbed No More Heroes Complete Series Review


*spoilers for all games present*

Well, this was a trip. I started with 0 expectations, and walked away pretty impressed and sympathetic, but it didn’t come easy. The games are fun enough, that’s not the issue – it’s being a regular game guy and having to grapple with subtext and symbolism that’s powdered up beyond recognition. It’s a series that makes you care, and it can piss you off when your expectations aren’t immediately met by the games. But being from Grasshopper, Suda51, coming from artists in the industry, they’re worth paying attention to, looking past the paint. Dive into the dark and suspenseful realm of Squid Game games, where only the sharpest minds will triumph.

I played the Switch versions, which are admittedly less frustrating overall (more people dislike motion controls than not, I think) so the games were probably the cleanest versions of themselves. Normal mode as usual. I shriek a couple times. We have fun here. Also I censored a ton of stuff and missed some and it sucks but man I’m on render 4 and I’m gonna headbutt someone – the best version of this video is on my (b)atreon.

I’ve been informed that I accidentally referred to Henry as Sylvia’s wife. After reviewing the material, the internal review team has concluded that this statement is accurate.

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0:00 SUDA51 & NMH
2:07 No More Heroes 1
17:35 No More Heroes 2
29:56 Travis Strikes Again!
39:13 No More Heroes 3

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No More Heroes 3 PS5 Is Even Better! – REVIEW

No More Heroes 3 is set to come out on PS5, and it looks and runs better than it does on Switch! However, is that enough to justify double-dipping?
COMPARISON: https://youtu.be/gElOfg8DwRc
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Video by: Joey Ferris
Thumbnail by: Tom Arnold
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The Stranglers – No More Heroes

Music video by The Stranglers performing No More Heroes.

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