Here’s What a $375 Metal Gear Solid Watch Looks Like


Here’s What a $375 Metal Gear Solid Watch Looks Like

Check out this expensive watch made in collaboration between Seiko and Kojima Productions.

The $375 Console Killer – Introducing The Potato Masher

Recently on the Casual Shenanigans Gaming podcast, we were challenged to build a pc for $350 that could compete with a Playstation 4. It has now been updated to $375. Watch the Year-end review here:


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The Potato Masher:

i5 750 overclocked to 3.7 ghz
Asus P7H55 LGA 1156 motherboard
4GB DDR3 memory
GTX 760
320GB Samsung Spinpoint HDD
Cooler Master Wavemaster Case
Arctic Alpine 11 GT cpu cooler
Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard

Download the 1080p source upload here:

If you want to skip around in the video:

0:00 Intro
1:50 Parts List
5:50 Synthetic Benchmarks
9:42 DayZ
11:50 Dark Souls II
13:20 Crysis 3
14:50 ARMA 3
16:22 Far Cry 4
20:30 Assassins Creed Unity
27:15 Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes
30:55 Trine 2
34:20 Alien Isolation
38:10 Conclusions

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$1000 Game Boy game? Metal Gear Solid *New*

As a single item this is probably the most valuable thing in my collection.
Rarityguide.com values it at $958 but realistically it goes for around $375
Link to “Cool Stuff” playlist: (coming soon)


Unboxing the New Metal Gear Limited Edition Watch

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